Bowie's left Major Tom for the Big 4-0

SYDNEY - To the applause of more than 200 journalists and 150 fans, David Bowie wowed the media yesterday at the only press conference of his Australian tour.

To liven up what were, he said, usually boring press conferences, he opened with a two song preview of what fans can expect from his sell-out Glass Spider tour, opening in Adelaide tomorrow.

Then, sitting in a stool on stage at the Tivoli nightclub, he took questions on a hands-up basis from the assembled media on the dance floor.

The blond rock star from London talked of his film making ambitions, turning the big four zero, having no intentions of ever writing an auto-biography and his pre-occupation with all things alien.

"I am more comfortable writing about alienation and being on the outside", said the man who gave the world Ziggy Stardust.

But flashing a wide, crooked tooth grin, the Bowie of the 80s was able to relate to fans who spend nights queuing for front-row tickets to his concerts.

"I did that for Little Richard at the Odeon in Brixton, but it was worth it".

On the subject of age, he said: "You can't help but get older, but you don't have to get old". 

His Glass Spider tour, which kicked off in May and has covered 50 cities had, he said, been the most enjoyable yet.

It includes some of his more obscure material, but he promised Australia's "circus toppy" event which would be more a theatrical experience than a plain old rock concert.

Bowie said his future plans included a film with Mick Jagger and more tours. 



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