Bowie's dazzling web of intrigue
WHAT would Major Tom thought had he been floating in his tin can high above Kooyong last night?

The spiders have landed!

David Bowie's glass spider is the most demented, fevered, bizarre creature yet to hatch from the fertile mind of rock's 42-year-old twitch.

Bowie's monstrous creation astride the eastern end of Kooyong, it's eight dangling legs drooped over a web of scaffolding.

Flanking the spider are two vast video screens that capture in vivid close-up every drop of sweat Bowie expends in two powerhouse hours of rock 'n' roll.

This is not just a concert - it's a live rock video.

Bowie and his spider have taken videos out of the lounge room and put them on the stage.

The band is lean and hard, the dancers hot, and guitarist Peter Frampton set to stun.

Bowie is in remarkably fine voice especially in the later numbers - Young Americans, Modern Love and Serious Moonlight.

How to top an act like this?

Easy - just pop out of the head of a spider a couple of storeys high, perch there for a heart stopping chorus and abseil down to the stage.

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