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10th November, 2009
Have a cocktail and lay back with the stars ... David Bowie will be all but taking over Melbourne's Rooftop Cinema this summer.

The first part of the season kicks off a week from today.

Films include:

The 1982 vampire classic starring Da
vid Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon.

Showing for the first time at the cinema, the movie appears in the same week as The Lost Boys and Interview With The Vampire so it is quite the vampire celebration!

& Tickets: Sunday, December 13


The popular 1986 fantasy starring David Bowie along side later academy award winner Jennifer Connelly.

Actually a sell out every season, the film has been a rooftop favourite and fans have sometimes even been greeted with a familiar album or two in the lead up.

Info & Tickets: Wednesday, December 2
Plus a couple more tentative Bowie link with Zoolander (cameo appearance by Bowie) on Tuesday January 12 and Living on Dog Food (the 2009 documentary based on the Australian film Dogs in Space and the surrounding local music scene of the late 1970s) on Thursday January 28.

More details on the rooftop cinema website.

23rd October, 2009

Released today (October 23) in Australia is the 40th Anniversary editon of the Space Oddity album.

Online stores indicate a pricing of around $24 for the 2 CD set which contains 15 bonus tracks, 8 of which are previously unreleased, including two ultra rare demos.

Check out this page at JB Hifi for further details.

22nd October, 2009

The Australian entertainment community has been saddened by the loss of American born entertainer Don Lane.

Don passed away on Wednesday at the age of 75 after a battle with dementia. His Australian talk show career began in the early 1960s.

When the final episode of The Don Lane Show aired on November 13, 1983, DAVID BOWIE made an IMPROMPTU appearance at GTV studios in Richmond, Melbourne. The two and a half hours episode featured such stars as Sammy Davis Jr, Phyllis Diller and John Farnham.

UPDATE April 2010:

The Bowie / Don Lane interview is now available in vastly improved quality. See youtube here.

21st October, 2009

November 7 is looking like Bowie day across Australia. In addition to the party in Brisbane, Sydney will be celebrating the return of JEFF DUFF, STEVE BALBI and BRYDON STACE in their awesome Bowie tribute.

The band is backed by The 'STARDUST COWBOYS' featuring Dario Bartolin (Bass) Scott Aplin (Keyboards) Lloyd G (Drums) and Luke Cuerden (guitars).

Jeff Duff's Tribute To David Bowie
7 Nov 2009 Dee Why RSL

15th October, 2009

On Saturday 7 November, Brisbane's Prince of Retro Kristian Fletcher is presenting a DAVID BOWIE PARTY at Tank Hotel, 371 Queen St, Brisbane.

This dance party event celebrates 40 years since the release of Bowie's influential 1969 album Space Oddity.

From 8pm, a DJ will play all your favourite David Bowie hits from the 60s to now!

Nestled in the quiet end of Queen St, the entire Tank Hotel will be overtaken with retro hits and fashion. (Tank Hotel is located where Eagle St meets Wharf St in Brisbane's CBD)

There will also be a dancefloor, licensed bar and vinyl giveaways!

David Bowie Party
Celebrating 40 Years Since the Release of Bowie's album 'Space Oddity'

Time: 8:00 PM, Saturday, 7 November, 2009
Location: Tank Hotel, 371 Queen St Brisbane
Cost: $5 per person (18+ event)
Enquiries: 3397 3028

11th October, 2009

Local reviews and interviews surrounding Moon - the acclaimed debut film directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones - are taking place in relation to its opening in Australian cinemas this week:

* Triple J radio interview with Duncan Jones and Richard Kingsmill. Click here
* A review for David and Magaret's At The Movies (four stars apiece). Click here
* An article for The Age titled One Small Step for a Man. Click here
* A review for The Sydney Morning Herald (4 stars). Click here
* A review for The Age. Click here

4th October, 2009

The media and public reaction to the mere possibility of David Bowie touring these shores in 2010 has certainly made one thing clear - the people down under want their Bowie.

Across the two Pacific nations, the Bowie Big Day Out rumour was sent spinning and far away, making headlines in New Zealand (scans from TJN) and later when the denial became apparent, the 6 o'clock news. In the words of NZ fan Rachel Stephenson, it was "nicely sympathetic to us poor deprived fans".

Some of the reaction could be attributed to the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder".

Given a welcome dose of Bowie in 2004, the subsequent five years has seen him engaged in a combination of minor music roles (including remixing 'Time Will Crawl' and doing backing vocals for Scarlett Johansson) and film cameos (including a brilliant portrayal of Nikola Tesla in The Prestige). What we have not witnessed are new albums or full length concerts - by far his longest ever period without either.

In every sense, the down under audience seems to be starving for their gravy.....or at least for "The Return of the Thin White Duke"!!!

29th September, 2009

Despite rumours that spread through the net like wild fire, it's a no go for David Bowie at next year's Big Day Out.

This continues a pattern that has been following his name from false rumour to false rumour across many of the world's biggest music festivals over the last five years.

The artist headlining - as announced this morning - is Muse. Other artists in the first lineup can be found here.

21st September, 2009

Finally we have confirmation of some long fabled David Bowie outtakes from the 1970s.

A very rare Sigma Session reel from 1974 has appeared on ebay containing the tracks 'Young American', 'Shilling The Rubes', 'Lazer' and 'After Today'. The reel is for sale here with a current bid of $15,000.

Samples of the 4 tracks can be heard here.

11th Sept, 2009

Following the recent appearance of David Bowie's "Life on Mars?" on the Triple J Hottest 100 of All Time is news that the song has made the follow up compilation CD and DVD.

See the full tracklisting:

Available now at music stores everywhere.

During the original countdown, which had the input of over half a million votes, the national broadcaster published the top ten lists of several media figures:

Chris Taylor

The Chaser's War On Everything, ABC 1.
Life On Mars
(chosen as his number 1 song)

"I love the piano in this song, and the way the melody charts the mental journey of the "girl with the mousy hair" from melancholy to outright despair. It's a sublime piece of songwriting."

Lawrie Zion

Former Triple J presenter and initiator of the Hottest 100
Lady Grinning Soul
(chosen as his number 6 song)

"As a high school friend pointed out to me just in time, there's Bowie singles, and then there's Bowie music. This glorious glob of glam from 1973's Aladdin Sane definitely fits into the latter category. Bowie's voice has never been more intense, and Mike Garson's piano work makes Bohemian Rhapsody seem understated."

(chosen as their number 2 song)


Robbie Buck

Triple J Breakfast host.
Sound & Vision
(chosen as his number 1 song)

"Eno produced, this lay the template for so much music that's come since. The sparseness of it gives the sound so much space. It's still riveting and sends a shiver down my spine whenever I hear it."

Although Bowie fans may be disappointed with a single representation at number 79 in the final 100, we should consider the broadcaster's target audience who - as seen from the results - indicate a huge favouring toward traditionally defined "alternative" acts of the 1990s and 2000s (67 songs were counted from those two decades alone). This largely reflects the average age of listeners (apparently 22 years old according to one source) and the songs that were most popular during their formative years. All things considered, it's nice to see Bowie on there, moreover with a song that is almost never played on commerical radio.

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20th July, 2009
Coinciding with this day 40 YEARS AGO as mankind reached the moon, David Bowie released the song 'Space Oddity' - becoming his first ever hit.

Today in 2009, the song is being release as variations including the original instrument and vocal tracks separated out (re-mixable using IKLAX software) - all for under $5.

Head across to the IKLAX and ITUNES to get the entire 61 minute digital album, for under $5!

17th July, 2009

Moon - the debut film directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones - will be appearing at the Melbourne International Film Festival weeks ahead of the national theatrical release.

MOON Premierre
27 July 2009 Greater Union, Melbourne (7:00 PM)
01 Aug 2009 Greater Union, Melbourne (2:45 PM)

6th July, 2009

David Bowie's VH1 Storytellers CD/DVD pack was released in Australia today corresponding with the international release date.

JB Hifi is offering a special price of $21.99 until October. More details about this release here.

21st June, 2009

From the ABC archives, Richard Kingsmill:

''On February 11, 1997, I spoke for over half an hour to one of music's true legends.

That was the year he released his drum and bass inspired album Earthling.

The conversation felt so natural the whole way through, I had to remind myself I was speaking to Bowie.

Here it is from start to finish (minus my first words which were 'Hi, how are you...')


5th June, 2009

On Friday May 29 as night fell on Sydney and the Opera House sails were lit in a vibrant display, curator BRIAN ENO took the stage of the Opera Theatre.

A long time collaborator of David Bowie and co-writer of the song "Heroes", Eno's keynote address soon turned intriguing when he began presenting such items as screwdrivers (shown on an overhead projector) in explaining an axis between function and style.

The following two nights, Eno's highest music recommendation Battles took to the same stage with awe inspiring shows. During these shows, Brian observed from a seat in the audience. On Monday, French-Algerian musician, Rachid Taha had the same honour ... but this time, it was clear there would be no sitting in seats for the audience or Brian Eno. This is how the events unfolded ....

In total, Brian Eno danced and sang back up vocals for nearly half the concert. Many Thanks to Svetlana who was standing beside us taking the above pictures.

The Brian Eno curated Luminous Festival continues over the following week before culminating in the finale Scenius on Sunday June 14.

4th June, 2009

Those among you that are following the Sydney Luminous e-newsletters may have seen a question about who exactly should curate next year's festival.

It must come with no debate that David Bowie should be high on the priority list. Since 2000, Bowie has currated two major festivals - Meltdown in London (2002) and Highline in New York (2007).

Check out the comments section of this page. Fingers firmly crossed!

19th April, 2009

New Zealand Bowie fan Bodacea1 and documentary maker Sam Coley have created slide files for Sam's brilliant 1983 David Bowie radio docos. Enjoy:

Down Under The Moonlight:

Frank Simms on Steve Ray Vaughan:

Frank Simms on Let's Dance:

Frank Simms Interview (Part 2):

Bowie's Waiata Radio Documentary (Part 1):

Bowie's Waiata Radio Doco (Part 2):

Bowie's Waiata Radio Doco (Part 3):

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31st March, 2009

As part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival....

In 2006, it was Bob Dylan; in 2007, They Might Be Giants got a guernsey; in 2008, Prince was the one. But at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre benefit in 2009, there's a host of people to meet: Aladdin Sane, the Goblin King, Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, the Jean Genie...

Yes, this year, for one night only, Casey Bennetto and Scott Edgar bring together festival artists and musicians from everywhere to pay tribute to the great David Bowie in a riotous extravaganza.

If you say run, they'll run with you – but get your ticket early, or the planet Earth will be blue, and there'll be nothing you can do.

Proceeds go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Life on Mars?
(The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Benefit)

Time: 11:30 PM, Saturday, 18th April, 2009
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: New Ballroom (S), Trades Hall, Melbourne
Cost: $20 Concession,
$25 Groups of 6 +
$30 Adult
Link: Comedy at Trades

RSVP your attendance on our facebook page for this event.

24th March, 2009

David Bowie's VH1 Storytellers is being released for the first time on CD, DVD and digital audio.

Now 10 years old, Storytellers was a quality concert in which Bowie provided insights into his songs and their stories. An extra appeal of the DVD is the appearance of tracks not originally seen/heard when it aired overseas.

The international release date has been given as July 6. More details here on Bowienet.

20th March, 2009

''I was invited to do a two week festival at Sydney Opera House which is hard to turn down as it's one of the great buildings in the world.

I've never been to Australia before. I've always wanted to go there - but I've always wanted to have a reason for going''

~ Brian Eno, 2009

David Bowie collaborator and musical innovator Brian Eno will curate the first ever Luminous Festival.

Claimed to be the largest of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere, the festival opens in Sydney on May 26 and runs for 3 weeks.

In addition to a range of music acts, there will be special lighting installations that include Eno's 77 Million Paintings and a new project that involves lighting the Sydney Opera House Sails.

For Brian Eno - a key collaborator on some of Bowie's greatest and most experimental albums (Low, Lodger, Heroes and Outside) - this will mark his first ever visit to Australia.

Tickets to the following events are already on sale (more international and local acts are still to be announced in the coming weeks). These all take place at various theatres inside Sydney Opera House.

Click on the artist for tickets and info:

'Luminous' Festival in Sydney (as of March 20)

Tue May 26 - Sun June 14 Lighting of the Sails
Tue May 26 - Sun June 14 77 Million Paintings
Fri May 29 Brian Eno's Scenius
Sat May 30 Battles
Mon June 1 Rachid Taha
Wed June 3 Ladytron
Thur June 4 & Fri June 5 Laraaji
Sat June 6, Sun June 7, Mon June 8 Laraaji Laughter Workshops
Fri June 5 Damien Dempsey
Sat June 6 Jon Hassell and Maarifa Street
Sat June 6, Sun June 7 Jon Hopkins
Sun June 7 Client Earth
Sun June 7, Mon June 8, Tue June 9 & Wed June 10 Reggie Watts
Tue June 9, Wed June 10 Back to Back Theatre With The Necks: Foodcourt
Thur June 11 Lee Scratch Perry
Sun June 14 Pure Scenius
** More acts to be announced **

''One of the things I've been interested for a long time is replacing the word 'genius' with the word 'scenius' which is a word I made up.

Genius is often taken to mean the special intelligence of one person where as what I think more often happens is you get fertile scenes - which is the cumulative intelligence of a lot of people that give rise to great new ideas.

So what Sydney offered was the chance to create a scene of some kind. ''

~ Brian Eno, 2009

More info at the Luminous Sydney website.

DON LANE 1983!
23rd February, 2009

Many of you will recall American-born Australian talk show host Don Lane.

Back in 1983 - on the very last episode of his successful show - Lane had a significant career moment when David Bowie made an impromptu appearance.

The show took place at the now heritage listed GTV9 studios in Bendigo Street, Richmond. Bowie - at the height of his fame and in Australia for the Serious Moonlight Tour - received a roof raising applause as he entered the studio.

Considered one of the show's all time highlights, the appearance is at least partially recalled on The Best of The Don Lane Show (1994) DVD

Now from the archives of youtube ..... heeeere's Don ...

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22nd February, 2009

Several years ago, Melbourne's BEAT newspaper had an amusing regular column called 'The Disturbing Bowie'.

Check out a few of them here.

24th January, 2009

As fans endure by far the longest wait between Bowie albums, tours and public appearances, Australian music website Undercover is among several reporting rumours of a Bowie comeback in the making:

JAN 21: Bowie Working on New Album in Berlin

JAN 24: Bowie to Reactivate Ziggy Stardust in 2009

EDIT: As somewhat expected, both rumours denied.

24th January, 2009

A second screening of Labyrinth for the 2009 season will take place in February.

If you intend to join in the fun in the open air above Swanston Street, join our facebook page for this event.

Labyrinth (Starring Bowie and Jennifer Connelly)

Fri 27 Feb MELBOURNE The Rooftop Cinema

23rd January, 2009

Last week's archival Bowie interview (televised on RAGE) is now on youtube.

The interview took place on the shores of Sydney Harbour with Molly Meldrum in early 1983.

Around this time, Bowie was in Australia filming his music videos - prior to the release of Let's Dance and the start of the Serious Moonlight Tour which made it here in November of that year.

Also around the same time, Bowie saw The Psychedlic Furs as reported and photographed here by Bruce Butler and Fiona Hamilton.

16th January, 2009

Watch out for some Bowie late this Saturday evening 17th January.

After midnight - in fact some time after 2 AM - ABC TV's RAGE will play a play a Bowie special from Rock Arena (November 15, 1983) followed by some clips such as 'Changes', 'Wild is the Wind', 'Life on Mars' and 'Jazzin For Blue Jean'.

Thank you Harry for the info.

16th Jan, 2009

For a person that was so hotly tipped to follow David Bowie's footsteps, it always seemed unusual that his son Duncan Jones seemingly never picked up a guitar.

Having reached his late 20s and then his early 30s, it seemed the boy originally known as Zowie Bowie (and for which the song KOOKS was written) was preparing for something outside the public eye altogether.

Now at 37, the story offers another twist.

Since at least 1978, David Bowie has been claiming that the main reason for his own (fairly notable) acting career was really a desire to become a director.

It therefore comes as a significant news that later this month, Duncan and not David will have his major directorial film debut.

The movie - actually a science fiction thriller - includes popular actors such as Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey and its being met with some anticipation.

Already drawing comparisons to 2001: A Space Odyssey, it will be interesting to see the reaction when Moon begins screening at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23.

IMDB's movie synopsis here.

The very first clips from Moon were released today:

15th Jan, 2009

Bernard Yin from Los Angeles' unsurpassable Amoeba Records has contacted me as follows:


"Nice site and well-integrated community!

I have something that's slightly Bowie related:

Flight of the Conchords begin their new season this coming weekend. That said, I wish to call to your attention a stellar and most humorous instore that they did in 2008 at LA's legendary Amoeba Records.

We have archived the video and it is viewable here.

They perform everything from an unexpected battle with a dysfunctional instrument to classics such as The Most Beautiful Girl and, of course, "Bowie".

We'd like to harken back to this great performance as we psyche ourselves up for the 2009 season. "

7th January, 2009

JB Hifi currently has a David Bowie specific sale. Check out their online Bowie bargains here and their wider range of music bargains here. Titles include:

CDs   DVDs  
$7.99 Changesbowie $7.99 Glass Spider
$7.99 Station to Station $10.39 Best of Bowie
$7.99 Aladdin Sane $7.99 Serious Moonlight
$7.99 Diamond Dogs $7.99 Ziggy: The Motion Picture
$7.99 "Heroes"  
$7.99 Pin Ups
$7.99 Space Oddity
$7.99 Lodger
$7.99 Low

To make things potentially cheaper again, until Sunday they have additional 20% off every CD and DVD in store.

1st January, 2009

Ken West - the organiser of The Big Day Out - has confirmed a long standing rumour that David Bowie was once a contender for Australia's most popular music festival.

Speaking with the New Zealand Herald, West said that Bowie's management inquired about a Big Day Out appearance in the late 1990s but organisers decided the set he planned to perform wasn't suitable.

"And then he went and did Glastonbury and got booed because all he did was obscure material from the new album that he wanted to test drive and use the festival like a rehearsal room. You don't do that to a hundred thousand people."

Interesting information although exactly how West thought that Bowie was in any way poorly received at Glastonbury or played a set of all obscurities is anyone's guess. I can only presume he has his wires crossed with an earlier performance when Bowie maintained more of a non-hits policy (ie. 1995-97).

Do you have local Bowie news not included here? Please send it to mrdavidbowie@yahoo.com