1983 Serious Moonlight Tour (AUS/NZ)

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Adelaide: November 9
Whilst in Adelaide, Bowie gave a personal interview to the State Premier John Bannon and his wife (both fans). Bowie promised to consider an invitation to sing at the South Australian 150th Anniversary in 1986 and passed the time talking about films.

As in 1978, Bowie again played the Adelaide Oval - a show that was billed "We play rain or shine" and sure enough, it rained.

Scan from Cass aka SoulLoveChild.

The News of Adelaide called Bowie's concert "The show of the decade".

Adelaide Set List,
9 Nov, 1983

1 Look Back In Anger
2 "Heroes"
3 What In The World
4 Golden Years
5 Fashion
6 Let's Dance
7 Breaking Glass
8 Life On Mars
9 Sorrow
10 Cat People
11 China Girl
12 Scary Monsters
13 Rebel Rebel
14 White Light White Heat
15 Station To Station
16 Cracked Actor
17 Ashes To Ashes
18 Space Oddity
19 Fame

20 Star
21 Stay
22 The Jean Genie
23 Modern Love

Above & Below:
Adelaide 1983.
from David Bowie's Serious Moonlight The World Tour.

Above: Bowie and John Bannon, 1983.
Image sent in by Pascal.
Above & Below: Adelaide 1983.
Photos by Eamonn aka Abbey Stump.



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