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1970 - "The World of David Bowie" (AUS/NZ)

1. Uncle Arthur
2. Love You Till Tuesday
3. There Is A Happy Land
4. Little Bombardier
5. Sell Me A Coat
6. Silly Boy Blue
7. The London Boys
. Karma Man
9. Rubber Band
10. Let Me Sleep Beside You
11. Come And Buy My Toys
12. She's Got Medals
13. In The Heat Of The Morning
14. When I Live My Dream

In 1970, The World of David Bowie was issued by Decca/Deram.

The original idea for the album pre-dated Space Oddity but now on the back of Bowie's first hit, it made good sense to re-try Bowie's Decca material.

Several unreleased tracks were added for good measure.

NZ issue of The World of David Bowie (1970).
According to the label, the LP was "Made in New Zealand for the Decca Record Company Ltd by His Master's Voice (NZ) Ltd Wellington".

The World of David Bowie
became the first of many LPs that would - over the course of several decades - compile often the same or similar material.



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