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Nick Cave
Australian musical force Nick Cave grew up in rural Victoria.

Although Cave loved the epic landscape, he hated the attitudes of small-town Australia.

It was the early 70s and he was influenced by David Bowie and Lou Reed and Iggy Pop - songwriters, performers, heroes of pop's avant garde.

In 1983 when Cave learned that Bowie would be producing the next Psychedelic Furs album (it never happened), his reaction was "Is he? Well, I am totally jealous".

Bowie Covers

Early on in his career, Nick Cave performed some interesting selections of David Bowie songs. According to records on a Cave web site, his first known performance of the song Andy Warhol occurred on March 3, 1978. The last known performance was on Nov 21, 1978 at Melbourne’s Tiger Lounge where he also performed China Girl in what is his only known live performance of the song.

During a sound check for a Bad Seeds gig in Lille on 3/10/93, Cave did a cover of Lust For Life. From the same classic Bowie produced Iggy Pop album, he has also covered The Passenger.

Berlin and Hansa

In the mid 1980s, Nick Cave moved to Berlin and whilst there recorded at Hansa Studios like David Bowie before him.

In Berlin, he released four albums with his band the Bad Seeds:

  • The Firstborn Is Dead (1985);
  • Kicking Against the Pricks (1986);
  • Your Funeral, My Trial (1986); and
  • Tender Prey (1988).
The Ship Song

Nick Cave 'The Ship Song' (Live 1999)