Bowie and Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock or "Uluru" is a world renowned sandstone rock formation located in central Australia.

It is one of Australia's most recognisable natural icons, notable for its vast size, the appearance of changing colour at different times of the day and for the connection to the aboriginal people of the area.

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David Bowie in 2004:

"The first time I had seen Ayers Rock was as on the cover of a Stravinsky album."

"It was a Music for Pleasure series put out by Woolworths and they were real cheap albums but the sound was really good and they had pretty big orchestras and did all the classics and stuff. And I bought that particular one - I was only about 12 - because of the picture on the front and I thought -what a fantastic looking mountain or whatever that is.

It looked really exciting and subsequently when I read the sleeve notes, I realised it was this place in Australia and I always wanted to see it because of that.

I've seen it a couple of times now. It's a childhood image that stays in your mind, and it became an ambition of some kind."

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