Isolar II: The 1978 World Tour (AUS/NZ)

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Auckland (Dec 2)

In Auckland, Bowie was set to play the enormous Western Springs Stadium located 4 kilometres to the west of the city centre in a natural theatre.

By doing so, he would break a national attendence record.

Western Springs Stadium

Originally built in 1929 to serve cycling, athletics and football sports, speed racing was soon introduced to Western Springs - first motorcycles, then motorcars.

Several enormous concerts have been held there over the years including ones by Elton John (1974, 1982, 1984, 1990), ZZ Top (1987), U2 (1989 and 1993), Robbie Williams (2003) and AC/DC (2010).

this first occasion, the 41,000 strong crowd was reportedly the largest in the history of New Zealand and Bowie would go on to play Western Springs at 3 different times on 3 different tours.

The Concert

The ticket stub indicated that The Angels from Australia were to play. They didn't and in their place was The Kevin Borich Express. According to Bowie fan Selwyn, they were "unimpressive with horrible lengthy guitar hero solos!"

The Bowie segment went well although the massive size of the stadium was said to lose a bit of the immediacy (the days prior to giant video screens).

In the second half of the concert, Bowie and his band returned to the stage and photographed the record crowd.

Right: Bowie photographs the record crowd. Picture from Sean Mayes' We Can Be Heroes.

Above :
Bowie at Western Springs 1978. Photos taken and sent in by Selwyn from Auckland.

The amazing pink sunset. Photos taken and sent in by Selwyn from Auckland.

Left: Image from Beattie's Book Blog.

Right: Photo taken and sent in by Selwyn.

Below: Image from

Tickets scans by Julian from NZ.

Mon Desir (Early December)

In Auckland, Bowie and the band stayed at the Mon Desir, a single story complex in Tekapuna.

Known for it's spectacular beachfront location and wild reputation, the Mon Desir attracted many showbiz personalities and rock stars.

From the article Old Mon Desir Revisited:

"David Bowie famously stayed for four days of debauchery when he toured in 1978. His room was flanked on all sides with bodyguards but rumour has it a few Kiwi girls made it through the security".


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