Isolar II: The 1978 World Tour (AUS/NZ)

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The Angels (Support Band)

Appearing as special guests on all Australian dates was local band The Angels. At this time, The Angels were experiencing stunning success on the Australian charts with their album Face to Face (a 79 week run) and their first hit single, "Take a Long Line" (later covered by Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson).

The Angels in the 1970s. Images courtesy of Rock on Vinyl Blogspot.

In 2007, lead singer Doc Neeson recalled that:

"Bowie was so giving......he insisted we be called 'special guests' rather than the support act. He said we could have his lights and did we want to borrow his guitars? He showed how to treat a support band."

Our page further detailing the adventures of David Bowie and The Angels can be found here.

The Tour EP (The Angels )

During the course of the Bowie tour, The Angels released a special "Tour EP" which - as indicated on the sleeve - was:

Released to coincide with their national tour as 'Special Guests' to David Bowie 'Who Pays For Paradise...'

The lyric "who pays for paradise" appeared in the song 'After the Rain'. It was backed by live versions of 'Who Rings the Bell' and 'Comin' Down'.



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