Marae Visit - 1983

On November 23 1983, David Bowie attended a Maori welcome of songs, speeches and traditional food at the Takapuahia marae in Porirua, New Zealand.

At the marae, Bowie performed a short exclusive song written for the occasion called Waiata - the custom being that a visitor sings a song about them self. "Waiata" is the traditional Maori term for 'song' or 'singing'.

Although the occasion was reported as being filmed for world wide release, it still has not seen the light of day.

Fortunately in 2008, Bowie fan and documentary maker Sam Coley took on the project to create a radio documentary concerning the visit.

He also managed to uncover the exclusive song as follows.....

Radio Documentary - 2008

Bowie's Waiata (Part 1):

Bowie's Waiata (Part 2):

Bowie's Waiata (Part 3):

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Thanks to Jacqui Matheson and Brian (sonofsilence) for the these scans.

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