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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence: FILMING IN AUCKLAND


Further filming took place at Auckland Railway Station (aka The Strand Station).


Auckland (Strand) Railway Station



The following behind the scenes picture shows Bowie at Auckland Railway Station with a 28 year old Alistair Browning (NZ actor).

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence was Browning's first feature film but he has since played the part of Damrod in Lord of The Rings and been in several other films.

In MCML, he played the role of De Jong - the Dutch prisoner who is saved by Bowie's character.



Alistair Browning:

"There were a lot of Kiwis in the film because of its location. I was one of a few with a speaking role.

[David and I] talked about art, music and books. He was having trouble with writing his album at the time. One night he said to me 'f**k art and let's dance'."



The interior of Auckland Station was used for an early scene in the movie - the trail and imagined execution (firing squad). According to an internet source, the station actually poses as Kuala Lumper Central Station.




MCML Interview

The railway station interior was utilised for an on-set 1982 interview with David Bowie...



Central Station Hotel

Today, the historic railway building has been remodeled as Central Station Hotel and even better - you can stay there!

So in your spare time, wander around this still magnificent former railway terminus which opened in 1930 and later went on to be a set for MCML....



Station to Station


During another part of the film - one of the flash back scenes - we can see an old steam train pulling into a station. Is this another Auckland Station or perhaps one a bit further afield?